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    An online store selling vintage, unusual, and decorative items for the collector and the crafter!

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    Hello and welcome to A&J's Junque Drawer! Our website is not the usual online store! Our website sells very cultural and diverse items from all over the world! You can find anything from China, Dubai, and even Singapore! We also sell home decor and miscellaneous items too! Please click the link below to check out our store!  

    Comic Books

    Comic Books

    We have a very large inventory of comic books that range form good condition to near mint! We have comics from Marvel, DC,  and Charlton! If you have any questions on the quality of our books please feel free to e-mail or call us!   

    Vintage Glasware

    Vintage Glassware

    Our vintage glassware is very assorted and  in a wide variety! We have milk glass, crystal,   and so much more! you can find anything from vases to cake platters and even fine China! Please feel free to have a look! 

    Our Team

    Cru Johnson

    Cru is a veteran of the Untied States Navy and has traveled all over the Middle East and has a lot to bring to the table with products from Dubai, Bahrain and even Greece! 

    Alison A. Jones, EdD

    Alison is a retired educator. She and her husband lived mostly in the middle and far east, while working in the oil business allowing her the opportunity to become familiar with the culture and art forms from Singapore, Indonesia, and even Abu Dhabi!


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